Meeting at my apartment

30 min (quick ) – 150£

1h – 200£

2h  – 350£

Additional hrs -150£

My ambience is romantic, soft music, pleasing scents clean towels and bathroom where you can have a shower before and after.

I am particular about hygiene and cleanliness. I make a lot of effort to look good for you and would request you to shower and shave before I get to your hotel room. This will enable us to have fun and enjoy ourselves without any delay.


Meeting you at your hotel room or residence

1h – 250£

2h – 400£

4h Dinner/Lunch – 800£

Overnight (8 Hours)  -1200£ , (12 Hours) – 1500£

I dress in an elegant manner and have all the etiquette and manners that one expects from a premium escort. This is the reason I easily blend in high-end hotels and fine dining restaurants.

If we have a dinner/drinks date and we are meeting at the restaurant/bar first, a very discreet way of handing over my fee (instead of a very obvious white envelope) is to add it to a book or small gift bag.

Travel and vacation

I have always taken pride as an independent hotel escort in Central London to cater to the requirements of distinguished and elite gentlemen. I provide discreet hotel service to my clients. As an elite escort, I work with select clients and that is why I visit hotels only in Central London, West Central London, East Central London, London City.

There are numerous escort-friendly hotels in Central London and I happen to know of them. So, if you are wondering how you can entertain independent hotel escorts in Central London, you can speak to me about it. I would be more than happy to guide you. Once you are settled in, you can call me and we can fix a mutually acceptable time that I can visit you.

My preferred payment method is cash.